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June 17 2014


How to find motivation for completing dissertation (dissertation)

During your life journey, you must have experienced times when staying motivated towards a certain goal became the most difficult thing. It is extremely difficult to maintain a momentum in doing a certain task when your surroundings are so challenging and distracting. There are many sources responsible for making a person motivated towards his/her goal, two of the basics among them are; the Intrinsic Motivation and the Extrinsic Motivation, where:

·         Intrinsic Motivation is an internal satisfaction of a person in doing a particular activity, which enables him/her to enjoy performing that activity without distractions or effects of external factors.

·         Extrinsic Motivation pertains that whenever a person performs a particular activity, it’s the cause of external distractions and pressures.

However, the topic of concern is how to find and maintain motivation during the long process of completing a dissertation. In order to stay motivated towards our thesis, we should develop a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in ourselves by:

·         Making your thesis a priority.

·         Staying focused towards your end goal.

·         Picking a topic of your concern.

·         Being organized and punctual.

·         Meeting your deadlines.

·         Working with motivated fellows.

·         Finding a balance between work and fun.

·         Not doubting your abilities.

Suppose your thesis has started, you are meeting ongoing deadlines, your outline is written and your research is ready to be worked on. All you have to do is being motivated during this long period of research completion. Following are the tips on staying motivated:

·         Set realistic goals and pace yourself: instead of setting unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved and can create confusions, it is better to make things easy and simple. You don’t need to read your entire paper each and every time to sit to work on your research. Time yourself and add on things that are simple instead of creating confusion by constructing complicated theoretical frameworks, this will discourage you and your work. You can also just get college paper help, http://www.customassignmentservice.com/help-with-your-college-paper/

·         Prepare yourself for negative comments: When you present your synopsis for the very first time to your advisor, prepare yourself for negative comments and arguments, as this is what your advisor will do to polish your skills and make you achieve positive end results.

·         Share and discuss your research: the more you will discuss your problems, findings and conclusion with your fellow beings and your advisor, the more you will prepare yourself to answer their question on the day of your final defense.

·         Never forgot why you are doing this research: Always remember why and for what you are doing the research, i.e., to achieve your degree that will make your career.

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