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July 12 2014


How to write an outstanding essay?

Writing a paper may seem easy to some, but when it comes to a competition, where you have to write a paper on a single topic, same as your competitors, then you find the true level of your skills. That is because writing a paper without regard to good grades may be easy, but when it comes to a competition, where your honor is at stake, then writing an outstanding paper may prove as the most difficult task that you can ever face in your class. So, how can you surpass the others, how can you succeed where others failed, how can you write an exceptional paper to ace your class? Well, read on, because you will soon find the answer to that question.

Purpose of written assignments:

Before moving on to the characteristics of good essay writing, you should understand the reason behind these writing assignments. These types of assignments test different kind of skills, like your knowledge base, intelligence level and comprehension, precision, analyzing skills etc. Students have to understand what their teachers are looking for and what should they expect in return.

Characteristics of good writing:

After understanding the purpose behind different writing tasks, we can now focus on characteristics of good writing. A good written paper always generates from an original idea or careful analysis. Always take a different approach that is entirely based on your original thinking and not biased from outside. Though, original content may act as the foundation of good writing, but without a strong knowledge base, it is impossible to achieve excellence. A skilled writer always covers the important aspects and gives an insight to his readers while covering different angles. He always makes a balanced argument and concentrates on both sides of the picture. A good writer never loses his path and always sticks to the topic at hand, without wasting readers’ time. Last but not the least; a good assignment has no mistakes, what so ever. It has perfect English with no spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes and it is easy to read and understand.

Tips and Tricks:

After studying the characteristics of good writing, you need to implement them in your paper.

First, do a thorough research about your writing assignment and organize your game plan and the things you want to include in your paper.

Secondly, try to answer as many questions as your reader may ask and keep your argument balanced at all costs, but that does not mean you cannot include your own opinion. Remember, you can always back up your opinions with valid quotes from established academic work.

Thirdly, you should cover a wider picture and try to look behind the curtain rather than focusing on a single point.

Similarly, you can decorate your essay with images and different diagrams that can help you demonstrate your viewpoint. Always use footnotes and create an organized bibliography. After completion of your paper, proofread your document again and again. Try to ask someone else rather than doing it yourself because other people can easily point out your mistakes and may give you some brilliant suggestions.

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